Fill the Truck @ Lu High Indy

Joseph Taylor, a teacher at Lu High Indianapolis received a request for specific items to be sent down to New Orleans from one of his friends at a previous call. We’ve verified the request and coordinated with Rev. Ed Brashier the District Disaster Response Coordinator in the Southern District and everything is a go!

The Truck is at Lutheran High School Indianapolis and they are taking donations only of the items listed below (or money to purchase them) between now and the first week of October! A local truck driver has volunteered his truck and his time to deliver it out of the goodness of his heart!

Can you help us fill that truck?

Here is the list:

* Water / Gatorade

* Canned / dry food

* Beef Jerky / Canned Meats/Spam

* Nonperishable Food & Snacks

* Toilet Paper

* Diapers – Newborn Size 7 / Baby Wipes

* Pads / Tampons

* New Socks / Underwear (all sizes)

* Flashlights / Batteries

* Coolers

* Large Buckets / Containers

* Large plastic totes

* Heavy Duty Trash Bags

* N95/N100/P100 Masks

* Work Gloves

* Sunscreen

* Dog Food / Cat Food

* Bug Spray

* Pump Sprayers

* Blue Tarps

* Gas Cans (empty)

* Rakes/Shovels

* Mold Killer

* Pinesol for Mopping