Fall Beauty

Published on October 19th, 2016

The beauty of the fall season is something to behold in Indiana and Kentucky! One fall-sceneof my German professors of years past was well traveled. He had been all over the world and seen many of the great sights. He even showed slides (some of you have never heard of slides) projected on a screen.

However, he said the most beautiful place on earth was Brown County, Indiana in the fall! It is beautiful, but his comment made me realize we do not always see the beauty that is right around us:

jesus-fall-colors-croppedAlways start with your Beautiful Savior!

See the beauty of your spouse and children and thank God for them!

Don’t miss the beauty of the people you minister to daily – they are gifts from God!

Take a look at the beauty of your place and space! Make your dwelling your home. Enjoy the beauty of your favorite music and art. As you look in the mirror give thanks for yourself!