Fall 2019 Symposium at Lutheran Child and Family Services

Published on August 15th, 2019

Lutheran Child & Family Services are pleased to host Dr. Joel Oesch from Concordia University – Irvine CA to speak on October 29th at 9am in the Lutherwood Chapel, 1525 N. Ritter Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46219. His presentation is Christian Life and Theology in the Digital Frontier. Here is a brief summary to get you thinking a bit about the topic:

The Digital Age has altered the cultural landscape of Western Christianity forever. We are being changed physically, socially, and theologically by technologies at our fingertips. The lecture is intended to encourage the theological discipline of discernment as we evaluate the consequences (good and bad) of a technology-driven culture. We will explore the difference between connectivity and community, the transactional nature of technology use, and the theological importance of the physical body … hopefully, to the benefit of those doing ministry amidst these trying circumstances.

As always, feel free to share this within your circle of peers, your congregation and friends on social media. For online registration:  https://lcfsfallsymposium.eventbrite.com or you can RSVP Brady Gurganious, Spiritual Life Leader at Lutheran Child and Family Services; bgurganious@lutheranfamily.org or call 317.803.8477