Fake SelectAccount Emails Sent to Some CHP Members

Published on October 17th, 2016

It has come to our attention that several CHP members received a Phishing email that appears to be from SelectAccount, asking account holders to verify account information and view details of transactions.

If your workers receive an email from what looks to be a SelectAccount email address (non-reply@selectaccount.com) with the subject line “Special Announement!” (sic), please be aware that it is NOT from Select Account.

The email message attacks of which we are aware share the following traits:

  • The word Announcement is misspelled as “Announement” in the subject line.
  • The link in the email directs you to a login page that looks identical to the SelectAccount member’s login, but it is NOT the same.

If an account holder received one of these email messages and clicked on the link and entered their credentials, they should immediately go to the correct SelectAccount website and change their password. The following is a link to the real SelectAccount website: https://www.selectaccount.com/eConsumer/.

The Phishing link in the hacker’s email directs you to a page called madmoosdesigns.nl – a page that does not have the secure access “https” that properly secured pages require when requesting sensitive information.

SelectAccount is aware of the fake emails and is investigating.