Essential Questions / Enduring Understandings / Big Ideas

PURPOSE:  Questions or statements, based on unit big ideas, that give lasting value beyond the classroom


  • To provide clarity and a common mapping language, it’s worth a faculty conversation to collectively decide on one heading for this section.  Will these be written as questions or statements? big ideas or I CAN statements? Without this clarity, mappers may be unsure and hesitant to proceed.  (Headers can be edited.)
  • Limit the number of questions or statements to a minimum.
  • Focus on the big ideas of the unit that offer lasting value.
  • Choose broad and open-ended questions or statements that will inspire students to raise up additional questions and new ideas.
  • Write in kid-friendly language. Consider posting in classroom to lead, guide, and wrap up units of study.


Curriculum Basics: Essential Questions

Curriculum Basics: Enduring Understandings