Ephphatha Lutheran Mission for the Deaf: Offering Church Interpreting Training at CTSFW

To those interested in Deaf Ministry in the Indiana District,

Ephphatha Lutheran Mission for the Deaf (ELMS) is offering Church Interpreting Training Academy (CITA) on the campus of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
This Summer’s program is August 5-10, 2024. 
CITA is a Christian program to train church interpreters in bringing the Gospel to people who are deaf. This program has been running in Fort Wayne for nearly four decades. Classes are taught by certified interpreters, Clergy and Deaf instructors.  CITA teaches religious sign to signers of all skill levels, equipping them in American Sign Language to bring the Word of the Lord to deaf people in their churches and communities.
CITA courses include:
  • Interpreting Scripture, Liturgy, and Music
  • Deaf Culture
  • ASL Linguistics and Bible Classes

All students have the opportunity to demonstrate and practice their skills of interpretation as they learn.

Click HERE to register or scan the QR code.