Enhancements to Concordia Plans Website

Published on July 24th, 2017

After several years of rapid growth in the number of options offered by Concordia Plan Services and a study of how users navigate through the site, CPS is pleased to announce some updates to our public website, concordiaplans.org, that position us to improve the user experience during this key season of Employer Open Enrollment. The first round of updates, which launched earlier this month, included improvements to the forms section and navigation bar, as well as a new section with employer Open Enrollment content.

This change is in response to what we learned about how people want to interact with us and how we meet their needs in the digital space.

Form Improvements:

The biggest opportunity for impactful change came with the “Forms” section of the website. While it is one of the most common places workers and employers visit, it was also challenging to find the “right” form among so many.

Instead of a long alphabetical list, forms are now accessible based on the issue they are meant to address for the specific user persona. A guided decision tree leads users on a concise journey to answer the question, “What do I want to do?” And if that doesn’t solve the problem, the section now has a “Help me find the right form” wizard that, with a few clicks, results in the appearance of the correct form.

The forms needed by specific groups are now easy to find based on whether they are an employer, member, student, retiree or missionary. The forms are named more intuitively and the lists are smaller, so the whole process should be much quicker for all users.

Easier Navigation:

A similar user-focused approach led to changes in the website’s navigation bar. Section headers were changed or renamed to better reflect the content held within them. This is the beginning of efforts that will be expanded in a future phase of the project – to differentiate content for employers and for workers.

Personalized Open Enrollment:

What most employers will likely notice initially is the revamped Open Enrollment section. Based on a user’s employer identification number and ZIP code, personalized results appear that include a comparison of plan options available to that employer, as well as forms related to the CHP options available in your area.

The dynamic open enrollment web pages guide employers to consider their options and take the next steps after receiving the 2018 Open Enrollment packet which was mailed on July 7th.