Effective Teaching Focus Papers for Middle/Secondary Teachers with Limited Methodology Preparation

Published on December 9th, 2016

From the IDOE Curriculum & Instruction…

Dr. Mary Ellen Adams (Indiana State University Emeritus) and Pamela (Raines) Ray (Northridge Middle School, Crawfordsville, IN) have co-authored five focus papers to help teachers in the middle and secondary levels that are new to the profession or have limited preparation in teaching methodology. The topics for the focus papers are Active Learning Strategies, Assessment of Student Learning, Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, and Preparing for a New School Year.

“The papers are intended to help teachers be more effective in their classrooms at both the middle school and high school levels, regardless of the subject matter being taught. Examples used in the papers come from the business area,” said Dr. Adams, but could be used in any content area.

Active Learning Strategies.pdf
Assessment of Student Learning.pdf
Classroom Management.pdf
Lesson Planning.pdf
Preparing for a New Year.pdf