Effective Leaders Become Bold Witnesses

Published on June 13th, 2017

The Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI) is devoted to training leaders to effectively lead congregations so they can be bold witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities.

PLI had its beginning in 1998. It quickly recognized the importance of pastor and spouse growing together and the importance of affirming the spouse’s unique gifts and roles. Since that time, PLI has trained more than 1,700 pastors, their wives and other church leaders — investing in them as key mission-minded leaders who can lead in our rapidly changing world.

Guiding congregations through the regular rhythms of life together and leading bold new initiatives can be challenging. Young pastors, and well-established pastors looking for a tune-up, have tapped into PLI’s Leadership Essentials learning community to establish or reset:

  • The fundamental elements of effective leadership
  • Their understanding of their spouse as an integral part of their “team”
  • Their courage quotient in the face of conflicting demands
  • Their strategic-thinking skills

These leaders understand that “humanly speaking,” their congregations are deeply dependent upon faithful, godly leaders who can model and center mission and ministry around God’s vision for the Church. They realize gentle but courageous leadership is needed to align people and programs around the fulfillment of that vision. They trust the Spirit of God for the “fruit” that might result.

The PLI learning community journey is two-and-a-half years in length. It includes a total of five four-day immersion experiences that occur twice a year (about every six months). At the end of every immersion experience, participants leave with an actionable six-month plan to implement in their congregational setting.

Each participant engages in regular video-based coaching “huddles” for encouragement and accountability. The immersion and coaching experience provide the right combination of instruction and interaction to provides the tools and lay a foundation for building a culture of mission in the congregation.

A PLI Learning Essentials community will be hosted by St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Columbus, and Royal Redeemer Lutheran Church, North Royalton, Ohio, this fall.

Written by Rev. Mark Teike, Senior Administrative Pastor, St. Peter’s Columbus
First published in the May 2017 Lutheran Witness