EANS Update – April 2, 2021

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1 Numbers.  First and foremost, the Department of Education has re-numbered EANS.  Are you ready for this?

 EANS I (meaning the first legislative-approved Emergency Assistance for Non-public Schools) is funneled through the Governor’s GEERS 2.0 grant.  For some time this was correspondingly referred as EANS 2.0; NO LONGER, in Indiana it is now EANS I, still under GEERS 2.0.

EANS II (the second round of approved Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools) was at one time referred as EANS 3.0; NO LONGER, it is now EANS II.  More info to come on EANS II

2 Your application for Past Reimbursement and Future Activities is online:

Create New Application

                Type the information, avoid using auto-populate/stored information to input, its cleaner and more accurate, and will be helpful to our friends in the DoE.


Log In

Once created and activated, you Log In with the credentials from the New Application your created.

3 COVID Impact field on the Application

250 characters to present your case statement qualifying your school for EANS.  Carefully construct a robust, generic, succinct, secular statement.

4  Let’s Collaborate

Aaron will set up several zooms from now until May 17 for you to connect with Kevin about your EANS options.   You don’t have to venture into this alone. https://zoom.us/j/96200827067

Tuesdays at 10:45 AM and 3:45 PM https://zoom.us/j/96200827067

Thursdays at 10:45 AM and 3:45 PM https://zoom.us/j/96200827067

DOE/INPEA Webinar link, in case you missed it live  https://youtu.be/ZBh3WxEY_0Y