EANS Reference Points as of February 19, 2021

A PDF can be found on the COVID Resources Page

Front loading more than EANS: a thought outside the usual
How you apply EANS funding is a marketing opportunity.

Indiana Dept of Education grant page for EANS

Prezi overview of EANS


BRAINSTORM Document shared in Regional Principals Meetings
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The EANS link is not yet finalized. Here are some helpful links and resources – Click Here

Webinars from INPEA

  1. About Third Party Providers, even if you choose different vendors than FACTS, Catapult, or Crossroads, this information is helpful background. I have connected with TEC21 and Lutheran Special Education Ministries about registering as Indiana TPPs.
  2. About Learning Loss, from Renaissance Learning. Do you have answers for parents about what it will take to address learning loss reported in the media? This will help, in particular this chart,
    where Math is green and Reading, blue. The Renaissance report is based on performance data, while the more alarming and more publicized Stanford CREDO report is a projection of data trends.
    Summer SAIL
    Bridging from the Renaissance chart above, and frankly sailing in a completely different direction than SAIL in August (where the District envisioned a plan for home-centered instruction online), Summer SAIL welcomes students into your school with many of the same contemporary instructional designing to maximize learning and address gaps. SAIL is something you have no time to construct, so the District will compose the plan, design units of instruction, and outline EANS costs for you to consider for your kids, and for the rest of the kids in your community who most likely will have no opportunity in the public schools to overcome COVID slide—wins all around, including a marketing opportunity for you. More info quickly forthcoming….
    Follow up with Kevin
    Want to talk through all this? Set up an appointment, it’s so easy with this link to my calendar where I can guarantee 30 minutes to talk with you https://calendly.com/brockbergphd/30minmax