Doxology for the Pastor’s Wife

Doxology for the Pastor’s Wife

Among the handful of priorities that I am emphasizing and focusing on is pastoral care for the pastors of our District – and so also for their families. That includes the central importance of individual Confession and Absolution for the pastors and their families, as well as the mutual conversation and consolation of the brethren, especially within the Circuits of our District. Not only from a structural and organizational standpoint, but by virtue of the significance of where the Lord has placed us and located us in proximity to our neighbors, the relationship and engagement of the brother pastors and sister congregations that constitute our Circuits are vital to the actual exercise of our synodical fellowship. That is true, not only in a general way, but specifically in regards to the fraternal care that we are to have for each other.

With respect to the wives of our district pastors, along with the camaraderie that I pray they are able to find with one another within their respective Circuits, I would also commend the annual “Katie Retreat,” which has been a blessing to many of these dear ladies in the past. Such a retreat, no matter how good, can’t take the place of localized friendship and fellowship, but it can help to make those connections and encourage those ongoing year-long relationships “back home.” I’m especially pleased that the next Katie Retreat (3-5 February 2023) will be a Doxology event, as I know the blessing and benefit that Doxology has been for many of our pastors across the Synod, and I trust that it will bless the wives, as well.

The deadline for registration for the Katie Retreat is just four weeks away (11 January 2023), so, if this isn’t something you’ve already looked at and considered for the pastor’s wife, please take a look at the information on the district website:

The Katie Retreat isn’t necessarily something that will work for or benefit every pastor’s wife, but it has been and is a time of refreshment and support for many. My encouragement would be, not only for the ladies to attend, but for each congregation to consider covering the cost for its own pastor’s wife.

O Spirit, who didst once restore Thy Church that she might be again the bringer of good news to men, breathe on Thy cloven Church once more, that in these gray and latter days there may be those whose life is praise, each life a high Doxology to Father, Son, and unto Thee. Amen.