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Published on March 30th, 2019

What can you expect from the Indiana District tweets?

I will not tweet about :

  • the BigTen,
  • what’s trending in entertainment,
  • my recent vacation (no selfies!)
  • nor retweet political controversy in Washington D.C.


I will send SAVVY tweets and retweets about :

  • educational policy debates within Indiana and our nation,
  • foundations and reflections about leadership,
  • probing research about best practices for teaching and learning,
  • relevant insights from colleagues, and
  • theology that embraces American culture and Lutheran ethos.


I pledge parameters for tweets, as I outlined in the rollout of the District Twitter, which are:

Scalable – ideas to amplify, expand, upgrade and build upon

Authoritative – truthful, avoiding fads and fake news

Vivifying – accenting what is meaningful and important

Vantage point – bolstering positions taken on issues and trends

Your contemplations – your calculus of gut feelings and personal reflections

Sooo … follow me @BrockbergPhD !