District Affirms Mission Initiatives, Adopts Resolutions

Published on August 22nd, 2018

At the recent LCMS Indiana District Triennium Convention, delegates voted overwhelmingly to support the district’s mission projects, confirming the convention’s theme: “God’s Plan – Our Future and Hope.”

During the course of Convention, held June 14-15 at the Grand Wayne Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana, delegates adopted several key resolutions. Of significant note are the resolutions in support of the district’s mission work in Indiana and Northern Kentucky, as follows:

  • To express appreciation for all who donated to Outreach Kentucky. To date, individuals, congregations and one pastoral conference have donated in excess of $61,000 toward the $150,000 goal to place a missionary in Richmond, Kentucky, starting a town and campus ministry outreach where no established Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod congregation has existed before.
  • To thank God and continue support for Ascension Lutheran Christian School in Gary, Indiana. Member congregations should continue to support this Gospel-based outreach and prayerfully consider financially supporting Ascension Lutheran Christian School in the amount of at least $500 per year throughout the next triennium.
  • To join together in financially supporting the work of our district. Recognizing that the mission field is ripe in Indiana and Northern Kentucky, out of the joyous response to the Gospel and as part of the “covenant of love relationship,” the Indiana District is asking member congregations to commit themselves to the financial support of our work together as a district, including direct support of our missions in Gary and Northern Kentucky, and to pray for and faithfully take part in “God’s plan, our future and hope” in these regions.

Other resolutions adopted at Convention include the following:

  • To thank God for the Office of National Mission’s “Mission Field: USA” missionary model.
  • To express our thanks to God for the blessings of the new building for University Lutheran, West Lafayette, Indiana.
  • To encourage the usage of “Every One His Witness.”
  • To commend the usage of “Connect to Disciple.”
  • To encourage Indiana District – LCMS congregations to support the upcoming Evangelism Conference.
  • To reaffirm the Scriptural teaching concerning the age of the Earth.
  • To authorize the Council of Presidents to create a system for the placement of inactive-candidate members.
  • To commend the Indiana District Lutheran Early Response Teams (L.E.R.T.).
  • To commend the work of Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Lutheran schools and all those who serve in them.
  • To affirm and encourage use of the teacher colloquy program.
  • To affirm and encourage use of multiple colloquy programs for parish workers.
  • To commend, affirm, support and encourage family life ministry throughout the Indiana District.
  • To encourage congregations to send members to the 2018 Senior Adult Fest.
  • To amend and restate the Indiana District Articles of Incorporation.
  • To amend the Indiana District bylaws to satisfy synod requirements.
  • To amend the Indiana District bylaws for district president transition and officer induction.
  • To return Trinity Lutheran Church, Culver, Indiana, to the South Bend Circuit.
  • To realign Indianapolis circuits, forming four circuits from three.
  • To amend by-law 2.71c and 2.105 to allow the board of directors to elect its own chairman and vice chairman.
  • To study the governance and structure of the Indiana District.
  • To appoint a task force on apportionment of mission offerings to synod.
  • To partner with our seminaries to support Indiana District seminarians.
  • To encourage the CTCR to study the concept of the Call as it pertains to the Intentional Interim Ministry program.*
  • To promote worker wellness within circuits and the district.*
  • To reaffirm “Witness, Mercy, Life Together” as the mission and ministry emphasis for the 2019-2021 Triennium.*

*Denotes resolutions which passed with an amendment.

You can find a complete list of all resolutions discussed at Convention here: https://in.lcms.org/about/lcms-conventions/.