Discovering Meaning in LAMP’s Ministry

Published on October 6th, 2017

Many of you probably have heard of LAMP – Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots Inc.  After all, it’s been around almost 50 years!   

LAMP’s volunteers and staff believe that every child deserves the chance to hear about Christ’s love and forgiveness.  That is why LAMP holds Vacation Bible Schools for children during the summer and promotes year-round contact between volunteers and northern communities.

The Indigenous children are filled with energy. Our volunteers reach out to them with crafts, games, music, skits, puppet shows, and whatever else can reinforce the Bible lesson explored each day of a week-long VBS.  It’s demanding work, but LAMP’s volunteers are dedicated to telling the kids that they have been created by God, are loved by Him, and can accept His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.   When a child asks “Why would Jesus die for me?” the volunteer missionary knows that he/she is making an impact.  Won’t you join us in making a difference, whether it is as a volunteer, a prayer partner, or a donor?