Discipling the Ethnic Groups – A New Campus Ministry Video

Published on September 24th, 2019

Jesus lovingly commanded, “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  Realizing that the Greek word for “nations” is basically our English word for “ethnic” gives a richer meaning to this command.  Jesus’ command is thus, “…make disciples of all ethnic groups.” The sharpened reality then is that within a given nation there are frequently several ethnic groups—and, in accord with Christ’s Commission, individuals in each of these groups need to be connected to the Triune God in Holy Baptism.  Similarly each person needs to be taught to observe what the Lord Jesus lovingly commanded, which is summarized nicely in the six Chief Parts of The Small Catechism.

As the church fulfills Christ’s command to make disciples of all ethnic groups, where shall such groups be found?  Numerous ethnic groups can be found uniquely walking side-by-side on our many college campuses. Consequently on several campuses throughout the Indiana District one will find either an LCMS pastor coming from a local congregation, or a congregation established precisely for the campus community.  We, as the Indiana District, recognize and support the valuable opportunities on our college campuses to reach out with the message of salvation in Jesus.

Though such campus ministries do indeed reach the unchurched, yet the Gospel proclamation at these places is usually first for LCMS students who have left home to further their education.  They, as the baptized from various ethnic groups themselves, have been catechized to know that Jesus commanded them to continue in His Word. Thankfully our young adults who are attending college can, in connection with many of our campuses, receive continued teaching and preaching of the Word, and they can gather to observe the unique worship element commanded by the Lord Jesus—the Sacrament of the Altar.

We thank the Lord that we can support the continued faith-feeding that is being done on our various campuses, as well as the opportunities to make individual disciples of Jesus, drawing from the numerous campus ethnic groups.

The new video below shares how Christ is being shared through our campus ministries around the district.