Did You Know? … Informational Goldmines!

Several years ago the Indiana District website underwent a significant revamp to be much more user-friendly. 
If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, we encourage you to do so!

that the Indiana District has 3 weekly newsletters?  Just visit the Indiana District website at in.lcms.org and check out the top of the page where you’ll find listings by “department.”  Hover over the CONNECT / DIRECTORY tab and choose PUBLICATIONS.  There you can see descriptions of our 3 newsletters and easily be able to sign up for any (or all) of them!  Monday morning’s IN-KY Lutheran Schools e-news is for all you folks looking to keep up with all things education.  Wednesday afternoon’s EARTHEN VESSELS is geared more for the church-worker crowd.  Friday morning’s Indiana District Connections?  That is geared for just about anyone!  You can always opt out of these newsletters if you want to (though we’d hate to see you go).  These free newsletters will be delivered right to your email door, so to speak  🙂   Stay up-to-date no matter WHAT your role you play in the Indiana District.  You’ll find reminders, info from around the district, and stay generally up-to-date with these informational goldmines!

Yes, we understand the bit of irony that many of you will be reading this article from your e-news subscription. But you may NOT have known about the other newsletters, and some of you may have just run across this info in the NEWS section of the district website home page without even realizing that there were e-newsletters to subscribe to … And now you know!