Devotional from Eugene Brunow 4-25-2022

It is the Lord

The gospel for this coming Sunday (Third Sunday of Easter) is John 21:1-14. This text is when Jesus appeared to seven disciples who were fishing.

The disciples returned to Galilee after the appearance of Jesus to Thomas (Mt. 28:7).  Jesus unveiled His glory and His triumph over death. There is nothing in the context or Scripture to warrant accusing the disciples of weakness of faith or abandoning their Apostolic calling.  In fact, the context indicates that they were where and doing precisely as, Jesus wanted them to be and do.

In the first four verses of our reading John tells this story is told in great detail.  Most of the disciples present are mentioned by name.  The key players in the dialog are Peter and John.  John is only referred to as one of the sons of Zebedee – later called “the disciple whom Jesus loved” (v 7).  The emphasis in this text is the presence of the resurrected Christ and all that He means for life.  The miraculous catch of fish is not the primary focus.  Although the resurrection has taken place, the fishermen still fish.  Life goes on.

In the last devotion we had a “great reversal” event. The same is true in our reading this week. Night time was best for fishing and expecting good results. However, this night they caught nothing. As day was breaking and it was time to come to shore, Jesus urges them to cast the net out again. This time they catch a great abundance of fish. There are times in our lives when Jesus does some unusual things in our lives and helps us remember that it is he who behind them.

The fishermen did not recognize that the person on the shore was Jesus.  The boat was 100 yards from shore (v. 8), and the light of day was still dim. The miracle catch of fish leads the disciples to the recognition of Jesus on the shore saying it is the Lord.

Note the beautiful command and promise.  They obeyed immediately and the miracle followed immediately.  Many times in life the commands of the Lord seem foolish.  But faithful obedience leads to carrying out His will and then we are astounded at what He accomplishes through us.  It is remarkable that they obeyed before they recognized Him.  That was true faith.

During this third appearance after the resurrection, Jesus performs another miracle and serves as host at a meal for the disciples. Jesus shows once again His servant heart, teaching us to follow in His way. We bless and serve one another because our gracious Savior continues to bless and serve us

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for using simple things like bread, water, wine and word that you to bring us abundant blessings. Help us to recognize you in these spiritual gifts. Amen