Devotional from Eugene Brunow

Touch Me and See

This coming week’s gospel (Third Sunday of Easter) is Luke 24:36-49. It seems closely related to that of last week’s lesson from John. It is possible that this is Luke’s version of John 20 and the events of that first Easter night. There is the same proclamation of peace by Jesus, same showing of hands and feet, and same examining of Jesus. Here Jesus dispels all doubt when He offers absolute proof of His resurrection. Again, He points to Himself at center of Scripture, but now includes the mission to all nations through the Holy Spirit’s power.

As Jesus enters this household and announces his peace, he is following the pattern he first gave the seventy (-two) in their mission of proclaiming peace.

His sudden appearance caused fear. Imagine how you would react if suddenly someone would join you and others without entering through the door. Plus, the disciples still had some guilt from what happened on Good Friday.

Jesus urges them to look at his wounds from being nailed to the cross. Carrying the visible nail marks, they demonstrate the victory of life over death.

But in this text Jesus goes further and tells the disciples and us to embrace his whole being. Jesus does not stand far off in holiness, but is here with frightened sinners. He is also here for us as his body and blood touch us in the Lord’s Supper.

Another way that Jesus let the disciples touch him was through the Scriptures. The Old Testament is Christ-centered from beginning to end. He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures (OT). This would have helped them to comprehend what had happened with Christ’s death and resurrection.

God still opens hearts and minds through His Word. Through his Word he helps us to see our need for forgiveness. Through his Word he touches us with his redeeming love.  By God’s grace he has granted to us the understanding of His Scriptures. Through his Word he equips and empowers us to be his witnesses and bring the news of salvation to all whose lives we touch.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for touching us with your grace in Baptism and bringing us to faith. Thank you for touching us with body and blood and thereby strengthening the faith you gave us at our baptism. Help us to be in your Word and continually having our minds opened to your will and ministry which you set before us. Amen