Devotional from Eugene Brunow – 10 – 11 – 2021

Your Faith has made you well

The gospel for this coming Sunday (Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost) is Mark 10:46-52. This is the story of Jesus healing blind Bartimaeus.

Jericho was a very ancient city located five miles west of the Jordan and about 15 miles northeast of Jerusalem. In Jesus’ time OT Jericho was largely abandoned, but a new city, south of the old one, had been built by Herod the Great. This ancient city’s center had moved to various locations, causing writers to describe it more like a region (cf Lk 18:35. (TLSB)

The presence of a blind beggar just outside the city gates, on a road pilgrims followed on the way to Jerusalem, was a common sight in that day.

The crowd that accompanied Jesus included many who rebuked Bartimaeus. The verb “telling” in v 48 meant that they kept on telling him to stop. They thought that his plea was not important to the Son of David. But Bartimaeus would not be intimidated by the world. He kept on shouting with confidence to the Son of David (v 48)

Jesus acted with authority as he ordered the crowd to “call him.” Bartimaeus’ blindness and poverty did not hinder his life of faith. He threw his cloak aside, jumped on his feet, and went to Jesus. In spite of his blindness, he acted in a decisive manner, not because he saw physically but because Jesus called him. His eyes of faith perceived his Lord.

When Jesus says “your faith has made you well” he is speaking of the whole person. Physical healing is only part of Christ’s work. Jesus rescued Bartimaeus from sinfulness as well as its collateral damage: blindness. (TLSB)

Like Bartimaeus, we need to learn to call on the Lord and trust in His power to deliver us. Jesus will hear us and respond compassionately. Because our Lord has worked faith in us we can be confident when we call on the Lord.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for a narrative that shows you having compassion on blind Bartimaeus. Help it to encourage us to come boldly to you with whatever problem we may have. Amen