Devotional from Eugene Brunow 1-10-2022

Do whatever he tells you

The gospel for this coming Sunday (Second Sunday after the Epiphany) is John 2:1-11. Our text is about the wedding at Cana where Jesus did his first miracle turning water into wine. Since Jesus and his mother had been invited, it is possible that the wedding involved one of their relatives.

Little is known of how a wedding was performed in first-century Palestine, but clearly the feast was very important and might go on for a week. To fail in proper hospitality was a serious offense. (CSB)

Mary told Jesus of the shortage, fully expecting Him to do something about it.  But what?  We aren’t told, so any answer involves some guesswork.  We cannot rule out that she hoped for a miracle.  Remember, this was the virgin mother who had learned from an angel that she would bear the Savior.  This was Mary, who pondered the things about Jesus in her heart.  She believed in Him as the One sent from God.

Jesus’ answer (“what does this have to do with me” V.4) may seem puzzling and perhaps even disrespectful. But Jesus was thinking of the timeline of his heavenly directed ministry and Mary was dealing with an immediate crisis. Mary did not question Jesus’ response but told the servants to “do whatever he (Jesus) tells you” V.5). The servants did as they were told and the result was great wine, better than what had been served at the beginning of the feast.

The question then can be asked: what are we do when his Word speaks. In John 6 Jesus fed 5000 men and spoke of himself as the bread of life. In verse 28 the disciples miss the point and ask what they have to do. Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.” (John 6:29)

By Jesus singling out one necessary work: faith in Him, which is God’s gift.  The verb “believe” is in the present tense, a continued believing. We, indeed, must do the believing, but our believing is the work of God.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for planting seed of faith into our hearts and souls. Thank you for all the resources of Word and Sacrament which help us to keep believing. Let your holy angel be with us so that the evil does not distract us from you. Amen