Devotional by Eugene Brunow 4-10-2020

He is not here, but has risen

The gospel for this coming Sunday (Easter Sunday) is Luke 24:1-12. This is Luke’s version of the Resurrection of Jesus.

Sunday began by Jewish time at sundown on Saturday. Spices could then be bought, and they were ready to set out early the next day. When the women started out, it was dark, and by the time they arrived at the tomb, it was still early dawn.

They are coming to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body because they think Jesus is dead. This is the attitude of those who are still living in the old covenant: they have confidence in resurrection on the Last Day, as Martha says in Jn. 11:24, but they certainly do not expect resurrection now. So the women are perplexed when they find that the tomb is empty. The stone has been rolled away, but entering (the tomb!) they did not find the body of Jesus. Luke uses the word “find” in an ironic way to emphasize the emptiness of the tomb.  Luke leaves absolutely no doubt that the resurrection is historical fact.

As angels announced Jesus’ birth, they also announce His resurrection. Gleamed like lightning, is a similar term is used for Jesus’ clothing at His transfiguration, reflecting God’s splendor.

The living is translated “the living one” because of the article. This is not just any living being, but “the living one,” who is the source of life. Luke emphasizes that the resurrected Christ is alive and is the one who gives life.

When the angels say remember how he told you, they remind the women who were from Galilee that Jesus had predicted his death and resurrection on a number of occasions, but the disciples failed to comprehend or accept what he was saying.

When women tell the disciples, it says that the disciples did not believe. In the Greek it translates as “they were not believing” which indicates ongoing disbelief of the report despite the fact that the women continued to speak.

Just like the disciples, we can get set in some preconceived notions and miss the point. We are bombarded with anti-Christ information and it seems to go on like a constant drumbeat. We may have celebrated decades Easter Sunday’s and it may even take away the thrill of this special day. But, we can be thankful that each year we are privileged to hear the great news that Jesus has power, even over death. We have a living Savior who helps us celebrate each day as Easter.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for rising again on the third day just as your divine plan called for. Help me to never let the greatness of each Easter ever become mundane. Amen


True to his impetuous nature, Peter dashed off to the tomb. linen cloths. Burial shroud of 23:53. Jesus’ body is absent, but no theft has occurred.  (TLSB)