Devotion from Euguene Brunow – March 11, 2024

Servant Leadership

The gospel for this coming Sunday (Fifth Sunday in Lent) is Mark 10:35-45. In this coming week’s gospel, James and John are seeking special places of honor. But, they are not alone. Verse 41 tells us the other 10 were “indignant.” They probably also desired the positions of prestige and power for themselves. As was so often true, Jesus calls all of them together and teaches them.

The disciples had nearly spent three years going everywhere with Jesus and hearing everything he had said. However, the deep rooted belief that the Messiah would be an earthly power and do away with Israel’s enemies was still alive and well among the apostles.

Raw earthly power is necessary in certain worldly settings, but it is not a part of those ministering in his kingdom. The role of a kingdom worker is to serve others.

To be a “servant” (v. 43) means to be ready to serve. It makes no difference whether there is a reward or not. The more responsibility that comes to a servant leader the more he/she becomes like a “slave” (v.44). This means less freedom or rights. When Jesus washes the feet of his disciples in John 13, he is doing the work that only non-Jewish slaves did. They had the lowest status in society. The ultimate example of servanthood on the part of Jesus is when he gives his life as a ransom to save us from our sins.

We are called to the blessed work serving the children we teach and their families. We have been specially equipped to do this work and God puts it into our path each day. Enjoy watching each day unfold with grace opportunities. Jesus’ death and resurrection cover all of our “missed openings,” and he gives us even more chances.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for schooling me for the ministry of service. Thank you for your Word that empowers us to act as your faithful ambassadors to the students and families whose lives I have the privilege to serve. Amen