Devotion from Eugene Brunow 11-21-2021

The King Comes

The gospel for this coming Sunday (First Sunday in Advent) is Luke 19:28-40. This text is the account of Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

There are a number of differences and similarities between Palm Sunday and the beginning of Advent. On Palm Sunday Jesus rode on a donkey that symbolized the greatest of humility. Now we wait for him to come in majesty and power.

Then Jesus came to face suffering and death to redeem the world from sin. When Jesus comes again he comes to judge and bring an eternity of bliss to his believers.

When he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday there were many who were unbelieving and that is still true today. There are still many who only use it for economic gain. But like then, those who confess Jesus cannot be muted.

We can use Advent to not only repent and mourn our sins but also find it a time of hope for our heavenly paradise. Luke includes no “hosanna” but does report “Blessed the Coming One… in the name of the Lord!” And so we as Christ’s own are blessed during this season.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for reminding us during the Advent season that you redeemed the world from sin death and the devil. And, through you Holy Spirit continue to keep us on the road to an eternity with you. Amen