DCE Tri-State Conference

Published on March 7th, 2018

“FAITHFUL IN A FAITHLESS WORLD” was the theme of our DCE & DFLM (Directors of Family Life Ministry) conference for Indiana, Michigan and Ohio!  It was most appropriate for the nearly 100 attendees at the conference center near Toledo.  These commissioned workers work with children, youth, young adults and parents as they lead Bible Study, plan retreats, instruct classes and counsel with individuals, groups and families.  Their ministry is “hands on” in a big way!  It was a blessing to be with them and present to them.  They are by nature and training very interactive, creative and astute.  They have the conversations during their ministry that is critical to people and  supportive of the over-ministry of our congregations.

While many congregations cannot afford staff people for such a focused ministry, those that can and do are richly blessed indeed.  The faithlessness of this post-church generation was considered and discussed at this conference.  There were many “take-aways” from the conference, but one that I will share was the bold and ready spirit you see in these folks to share Jesus at this time.  They were not discouraged by all that was going on, but ready to accept the ministry challenge faithfully and compassionately!  We thank the Lord for these gifts to the church!