Cyber Security Tips

Published on March 20th, 2017

According to a study completed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a hacker attacks a different computer every 39 seconds. That’s 2,244 attacks every day—2,244 times that someone attempts to steal information, alter computer files or commit other cyber crimes through another person’s system.

How does this affect religious institutions? Computers at worship centers commonly contain valuable data, such as financial records, personal information and irreplaceable documents—all very attractive to a cyber criminal. Utilize cyber security in all of your computer-related practices to protect these electronic valuables.

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Data breach is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. For victims, it’s a painful and costly problem. When information is stolen that compromises identities and financial security, victims can be left wondering what they can do to regain not only their assets, but their peace of mind.

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