CTSFW Tour – Greece & Turkey: In the Steps of Paul – June 2024

Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne (CTSFW), is hosting a travel tour, “Greece & Turkey: In the Steps of Paul,” June 10–21, 2024.

Follow St. Paul as you visit Corinth, where Paul was centrally located for his ministry, and Athens, where he spoke in the Agora (marketplace). Spend a couple days in Thessaloniki and Philippi, where Paul preached. Visit sites of the churches in Revelation, including Pergamum, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea, and Ephesus, and conclude your tour in Istanbul. A great adventure awaits as you follow Paul as he shared the gospel with the Romans and the world!

To learn more about the “Greece & Turkey: In the Steps of Paul” tour, please visit ctsfw.edu/CTSFWtours24. A tour packet with a registration form is available on the tour webpage.

Tour Hosts: Dr. Charles and Kristi Gieschen

Dr. Charles Gieschen, CTSFW Provost, has been an LCMS pastor for 38 years and is an experienced, respected, and widely published New Testament scholar who has advanced degrees from Concordia Theological Seminary (MDiv), Princeton Theological Seminary (ThM), and the University of Michigan (PhD). He has taught New Testament courses, including courses on all of Paul’s epistles, at CTSFW for 27 years. He has also coordinated CTSFW student involvement in archaeological digs since 1999. He is currently writing the Concordia Commentary on 1-2 Thessalonians for Concordia Publishing House, so he is very thankful to be visiting Thessaloniki and other areas that he is writing about before finishing the commentary.

“The Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys moved the gospel of Jesus Christ across the Roman world in the first century, so it will be fascinating to visit many of the beautiful areas near the Mediterranean Sea where Paul and his colleagues preached and established churches as documented in the Books of Acts and Paul’s epistles,” says Dr. Gieschen. “My wife, Kristi, and I are thrilled to be leading this tour in the company of many Christian friends. It will be the experience of a lifetime for bringing alive Paul’s missionary journeys and the important letters he wrote to these young churches.”