Creating A Curriculum Mapping Culture


As with any new initiative, mindset plays an important role.

Are you willing to:

  • take a risk?
  • confront a new challenge?
  • stretch yourself to learn something new?
  • develop something inside of you?
  • realize there’s room to improve and grow?
  • find success in learning and improving?
  • create an environment of change?


It’s not uncommon for teachers to feel like they’re on their own. Building a bridge to connect teachers is critical. Curriculum mapping can be that bridge!

Are you ready to:

  • connect with colleagues?
  • talk about what’s happening in the classroom?
  • listen to each other?
  • grow and learn from each other?
  • learn the process of documenting real-time curriculum together?
  • begin taking note of curriculum content in other grade levels?
  • collaborate with teachers in your school to deepen student learning?
  • connect with other teachers from schools around the district/synod?


Building a bridge takes time, requires a plan, and much collaboration.  Once built, engineers must continually return to the structure to ensure quality and strength. Building a curriculum map takes on a similar journey.

Are you ready to:

  • view curriculum mapping as a process rather than a product?
  • realize curriculum mapping is far more than an item checked off a to-do list?
  • take on the mapping process one small step at a time, rather than one big assignment?
  • work together as a team to come up with a mapping plan that fits your faculty?
  • review mapping work with your team to ensure quality?