Grace and Peace to you in Christ Jesus,

As an LCMS School, you are part of a group of educators with a tremendous reputation for providing students with exceptional care and education while also being driven by a commitment to the Gospel. While these past several months have challenged schools in

new and difficult ways, there have also been new opportunities and reasons to celebrate. LCMS School Ministry and the Office of Rosters, Statistics and Research Services are interested to hear about your joys and struggles from this pandemic situation.

Earlier this summer, over a thousand LCMS congregations told their stories from the pandemic. Through an online survey, they shared their hardships as well as their joys. The results of that survey are now available for all to read in the September issue of

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We also want to hear what our almost 1,900 Lutheran early childhood, elementary and high schools have experienced these past several months. To that end, we are inviting you to participate in a new survey, linked below. The results of this survey will help

the Synod and its agencies better understand how LCMS schools have been impacted by this virus and the many responses to it.


Here to Start the Survey

We recognize that some schools have opted to suspend classes for all or part of the 2020-2021 school year due to the difficulties of educating in a pandemic. Please know that even if this is the case for your school, we hope you will fill out the survey to

help us better understand the situation your school faces.

This 20-minute survey is completely confidential. Your identity will not be revealed, your school will not be identified to anyone but our researcher, and all responses will be summarized and reported only as part of the aggregated whole.

We ask that you please

complete the survey by October 15

Thank you for your participation.

Your servants in Christ,

Rev. Dr. John Sias

LCMS Secretary

Dr. Rebecca Schmidt

Director, LCMS School Ministry

D. Scott Kostencki

Director,  Rosters, Statistics and Research Services

Ryan Curnutt

Senior Research Analyst, Rosters, Statistics and Research Services

If you have any questions about the survey or need technical assistance, please contact




Matthew Bergholt

Manager, Online Support and Services

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