Congregation Support for Missions

Published on July 19th, 2011

District and Synod Contributions

The 232 congregations of the Indiana District contribute funds from their offerings to support the areas of outreach, services, resources and administration of the District. Approximately 80% of the receipts are used within the District and the other 20% is provided to the Synod for the mission outreach throughout the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.

Congregations are not asked to pledge a specific dollar amount on an annual basis but are requested to give monthly a portion of their gifts to support these programs.

The Board of Directors of the Indiana District determines how these dollars are used to help share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

Designated – Synod

Many congregations designate some of their gifts for programs such as World Relief, World Hunger, Armed Forces Offerings and designated Synod programs. These funds are received and sent monthly to the National offices for use by these areas of ministry service.

Agency Funds

As a service to the congregations and the related agencies of the Synod, the District receives various funds for a number of agencies of the District and Synod. At the end of each month, checks are sent from the District to the agencies, for the amounts received from the congregations. Each agency receives a report regarding the contributions received from the various congregations.

Other Mission Support

Congregations support other ministries directly and the funds are sent directly to these local organizations. Congregation treasurers are asked to submit this information on a monthly basis with their remittances. This gives some idea as to the total support for missions both directly and indirectly,