Commissioned Ministers – Updating Data

Published on January 19th, 2018

Commissioned Ministers are encouraged to keep a current CMIF on file with the LCMS.  To do that go to, your CMIF is created from your Church Worker Update.   If you can’t remember or find your username & password it, click on the HELP tab and you may either email or call LCMS Roster & Statistics for that information.

As you go through, save each page but be sure to SUBMIT before you log out even if you aren’t finished.  “Submit” will upload your changes to the Synod’s database, failure to submit will cause you to lose your changes.  Completed CMIFs come to the District office to be released to the searchable database.  For us to release your CMIF, the Ministry Profile questions (the open ended questions) must be complete and you need to include at least 2 references.

Even if you aren’t seeking a call, as a commissioned worker these should be kept current, just choose “no interest” in the section that asks if you would consider a call.

The CWU & CMIF are only for commissioned ministers; teachers, DCE, DPM, deaconess, etc. on the roster of Synod.