Colloquy News for Teachers

CueNet has annoucned an exciting new scholarship offer for teachers of Lutheran Schools that are thinking about doing colloquy to become a commissioned minister of the LCMS.

Teachers, we have a wonderful gift to share with you and we hope that you will help spread the word to your colleagues who could benefit. If you or your fellow teacher has been thinking about entering colloquy to receive a call to your position, now is the time to begin the program!

CUEnet has just received a significant scholarship grant and we are very excited to share it with colloquy students. The Borland Colloquy Scholarship Program is going to allow us to provide each new student who enrolls in the next round of colloquy classes with an Old Testament Scholarship of $769 for the first class in colloquy, as well as a Borland Scholarship of $275 for each subsequent class in the program.  For Old Testament, the “Total Due” on the invoice to the student will read $0!

For the other seven courses in the program, the “Total Due” on the invoice will read just $494. This means that, even though we had to raise our tuition this year, the overall cost to you if you enter colloquy right now is significantly lower than at any time over the last ten years. Of course, if your district, congregation, or school is also able to help you with the cost of tuition, this final
cost can be even lower.

This scholarship is available to all teachers who enroll in colloquy classes beginning in June or July 2018. You can get the ball rolling by submitting the online application found at

Finally, if you are already in the program and you wonder whether you will receive the $275 Borland Scholarship for the courses you have left, the answer is “Yes!” We thank our gracious God
for the generous gift which makes this scholarship program possible, as well as for the continuing scholarship support provided by members of the Next Generation Society.

God is good!

More information at | 1-800-238-3037 |

In addition the Indiana District will also continue to offer a $250 Scholarship for every class you take!   That will even reduce your obligation even more.  Contact the Indiana District Education Office for more details.