Church Supplies Looking for a New Home

Mount Calvary, Fort Wayne is in the process of relocating to a smaller building.  Part of this process has them getting rid of a number of items as they downsize.  If you know of a ministry who would be blessed by any of these items, please contact Lisa in the District Office at or by phone at 260.423.1511, ext. 2204.  Some of the items are in storage at the District Office itself, while larger items are still at Mount Calvary.  These items are free to those who could use it for ministry, or you are welcome to make a donation to the Mount Calvary congregation.  Rev. Karl Frincke,  intentional interim pastor, will be able to answer more specific questions.  Please contact Lisa for his information, if needed.

Items Available: * = pictured

– Altar – about 11-12′ long (available after June 30) * paraments not included
– Pulpit (available after June 30)paraments not included
– 2 Clergy stalls (chancel seats) *  
– Altar metal vases *  flagan and other items pictured may not be available
– 9 Communion trays and some glass individual cups
– 100 LCMS red pew pads
– Flower charts
– Altar Guild gloves for handling Communion ware
– Brass candle followers
– Other miscellaneous items