Church Mutual Group Safety Dividend Program dividend checks have been mailed.

To All Indiana District Congregations:

I am pleased to report that the first Church Mutual Group Safety Dividend Program checks have been mailed. Our Church Mutual / Indiana District Group Safety Dividend Program was established in 2014. The objective in establishing this program was to provide our churches and schools with a more stable and affordable insurance program with the added benefit of a financial incentive for operating safely. All Indiana District congregations that were insured with Church Mutual at that time were automatically included in our group program and will receive their share of annual declared dividends which are based on overall group loss ratios. Because claims experience was good, the total group dividend that was earned and paid for the 2014 period was $17,400. Checks were mailed recently for your specific share which is based on your property and liability premiums for that period. Looking ahead, our group loss ratios in 2015 were even better than 2014, so we are anticipating receipt of larger dividend payment next year.

As a participant in the Indiana District Group Program, your benefits go beyond the dividend payment noted above. Following are some of the other benefits of the program:

  1. A special 5% premium credit is applied to your Church Mutual multiperil insurance policy.
  2. Risk management materials are available. Including various legal forms and documents. All at no cost to our members.
  3. If you have a question or are looking for guidance the Risk control research center is a great resource. Just connect with the consultants and let them do the research for you. This service is
    available to all of our District affiliated organizations, not just those insured with the group program.
  4. Sensor program is available to qualified customers. Free 24/7 temperature and water sensor monitoring kits available.
  5. Trusted employee is a background screening and administrative services organization. (With reduced pricing for those in our group insured with Church Mutual.)
  6. Seminars provided.
  7. Nurse hotline. To help your employees triage their injury.
  8. Free webinars available on a multitude of subject matters including “Understanding same-sex Marriage and transgender law.”


If you are evaluating your insurance program and not currently insured through Church Mutual contact Don Inglis to learn more about the potential savings and benefits for your congregation. You can reach him by calling 800-554- 2642 – select option 1 and ask to speak with Don Inglis, call his cell phone (317) 502-0493, or email him at

Thank you and God’s Blessings,
Ron Bleke