Children’s Ministry Resources for Growing in Christ

Published on July 17th, 2015

Children’s ministry is a vital component of our Lutheran congregations. It exists in many formats and looks different in each congregation. Concordia Publishing House has developed a number of children’s ministry resources to help congregations with this important educational task. This page contains a number of children’s ministry resources that can be used in your congregation.

Nursery Roll

Keep in touch with parents in your congregation with babies and toddlers from birth through age three.

Sunday School

Sunday School is the traditional, Sunday morning program for Christian education for children. Classes can start with two-year-olds and their parents and continue through high school classes.

Weekday Education

Sunday school is not the only way a congregation can reach elementary-aged children with intentional programming. Some congregations implement a week-day program. This can be scheduled after school, in an evening block of time when other groups (like choir) are already coming to church, or the same time as Confirmation class is being held for older children.

Vacation Bible School

The LCMS VBS program is published by Concordia Publishing House. A number of resources are available for students and teachers.


Find the resources needed for these programs at Concordia Publishing House at or 800-325-3040.