Child Protection Policy

To Encourage Every Congregation to Establish and Implement a Child Protection/Safety Policy

WHEREAS, the proclamation of the Gospel to children and youth is of critical importance (Mark 10: 13-16); and

WHEREAS, we are concerned about the safety of children and youth (all those under 18 years of age) in our congregations; and

WHEREAS, we are concerned about protecting the reputations of the volunteers and professional workers of our churches against false accusations;

WHEREAS, many insurance companies are choosing to deny liability coverage to churches that have not established such a policy and procedures; therefore be it

RESOLVED, to encourage each congregation to establish and implement a Child Protection Policy; and be it finally

RESOLVED, that the Indiana District provide support for congregations in developing such a policy.

Resolution 4-05, Indiana District Convention, Fort Wayne, IN. Adopted by District in Convention: 06-23-06

Protection Policy needs updating