Celebrating Teacher Anniversaries

We are thankful for countless teachers who have served and continue to serve our Lutheran schools so faithfully. At the Connections Teacher’s Conference on November 23, we recognized the milestone teachers. While many were not able to be there in person to receive their certificate, we give thanks for them all! The full list of teacher anniversaries, as given to use by our principals, is included below.

If you see an omission from the list or an error, please contact Aaron Nielsen (aaron.nielsen@in.lcms.org) so that the records can be updated. 

5 Years

Rachel Bahr – Concordia, Fort Wayne
Anne Bushee –  Zion, Decatur
Nancy DeFrain – Bethlehem, Ossian
Kristen Dawson – Woodburn Lutheran
Tracie Douglas – Our Shepherd
Lisa Dubke – Our Shepherd
Jamie Gentz – Woodburn Lutheran
Cassondra Gilliom – Emmaus, Fort Wayne
Stephanie Gross – Redeemer, Kokomo
Taylor Haese – Ascension, Fort Wayne
Erin Jorgensen – Redeemer, Kokomo
Megan Marbach – St. Peter-Immanuel
Angela Plutat – Redeemer, Kokomo
Rachel Gerken – Central, New Haven
Micah Rauch – Concordia, Fort Wayne
Katelyn Russell – Immanuel, Valpo
Rachel Sallaberry –  Our Savior, Louisville
Kylie Swaby – Trinity, Elkhart
Caitelyn Urschel – St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School
Alicia Wilkie –  Redeemer, Kokomo
Shane Wyant – Lutheran High, Indy

10 Years

Heather Alexander – Calvary, Indy
Julia Beck – Ascension, Fort Wayne
Stephen Bornheimer – Emmanuel St. Michael, Fort Wayne
Courtney Butcher – Wyneken Memorial
Catherine Clausing – Trinity, Crown Point
Craig Gerbers – Trinity, Crown Point
Kristin Hoem – St. Paul’s, Fort Wayne
Krista Hunt – Resurrection Lutheran Academy
Shelley Mielke – Trinity, Elkhart
Paul Rosin – Trinity, Elkhart
Lynn Yates – Trinity, Crown Point
Jeffrey Neuman – Ascension, Fort Wayne
Stephanie Klinker – Ascension, Fort Wayne
Laurie Scagnoli – Concordia, Fort Wayne
Andrew Middleton – Concordia, Fort Wayne
Rebecca Rohde – Concordia, Fort Wayne
Micah McCormick – St. Peter’s, Columbus
Lindsay Mullis – White Creek

15 Years

David Luster-Bartz – Resurrection Lutheran Academy
Erin Schoof – Emmaus
Matthew Frick – Lutheran High, Indy
Corey Griesemer – Trinity, Crown Point
Julie Smith – Wyneken Memorial
Rachel Miller – Our Shepherd
Alyson Akey – Concordia, Fort Wayne
Sara Goeglein – Concordia, Fort Wayne
David Honebrink – Calvary, Indy
Rachael Johnson – Emmanuel St. Michael
Karen Houser – Emmanuel St. Michael
Natalie Liss – Resurrection Lutheran Academy
Carla Patton – St. John, Aurora
Terri Schmeltzer – St. John, Aurora
Clayton Darlage – Trinity Lutheran High School
Laura Wilkes – Calvary, Indy

20 Years 

Michelle Megyese – Resurrection Lutheran Academy
Amy Fuhrmann – Our Savior, Louisville
Darin Koenemann – Ascension, Fort Wayne
Kimberly Enzinger – White Creek
Mary Anne Schneider – White Creek
Kristen Wyss – Concordia, Fort Wayne
Jennifer Beach – Calvary, Indy
Stacey Faubion – Calvary, Indy
Christie Wonnacott – St. Paul Bremen
Keri Latin – Emmanuel St. Michael
Angela Burkhardt – St. John, Aurora
Joshua Bachman – Immanuel, Valpo
Andrew Whirrett – St. Paul’s, Fort Wayne
Erin Mickelini – Concordia, Fort Wayne
Christa Bell – Calvary, Indy
Katherine Ceder – Calvary, Indy

25 Years

Rebecca Veen – Trinity, Elkhart
Arron Lehman – Trinity, Crown Point
Christine Miller – Trinity, Crown Point
Kevin Macke – CLHS
Debbie Schmidt – Central New Haven
Mindy English – Concordia, Fort Wayne
Leslie Huntington – Calvary, Indy
Karen Hoeppner – Woodburn Lutheran
Bethann Wright – Emmanuel St. Michael
Susan Murphy – Emmanuel St. Michael
Kelly Thornton – St Paul Bremen
Kathy Palmreuter – Emmanuel St. Michael
Rebecca Grim – Emmanuel St. Michael
Kimber Ampt – St. John, Aurora
Melissa Brown – Immanuel, Seymour
Karolyn Dillman – CLHS

30 Years

Larry Brummet – Trinity, Elkhart
Suzanne Dunkin – Redeemer, Kokomo
Becky Goecker – Immanuel, Seymour
Meg Mackenzie – Emmaus Lutheran School
Dawn Schultz – Calvary, Indy
Annette Skibbe – St. Peter N. Judson
Jackie Stuckwisch – Trinity High School
Cathie Wakeland – LSUS

35 Years

Chris Behmlander – Immanuel, Seymour
Jodi Freshour – Trinity, Elkhart
Scott Kamman – Our Savior, Louisville
Michelle Martin – Wyneken Memorial
Dana Muehl – St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School
Angela Owen – Concordia, Fort Wayne
Cheryl Rensner – Calvary, Indy

40 Years

Mark Koehlinger – CLHS

Greg Becker – St. Peter-Immanuel
Ann Fritz – St. Paul’s, Fort Wayne
Kathy Ickstadt – Immanuel, Valpo
Keith Martin – Emmaus
Stephen Rensner – Calvary, Indy



45 Years

Rebecca Klenke – Wyneken Memorial