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New Stewardship Programs Available for Download

First Fruits Living and Giving Looking for a free and joyous activity for your church with a whole-life stewardship emphasis?  There are now five sets of materials available for downloading free from the District’s website. These programs from Stewardship Advisors are Scripturally-based, grace-centered, copy-ready, and contain everything your LCMS church will need:  Bible studies, bulletin messages, commitment forms,... Read more »

Stewardship Begins by Receiving

The stereotypical understanding of “stewardship” describes a process of giving, encourages generosity and seeks to inspire sacrificial giving. In my seven years in stewardship consulting, I’ve come to see “stewardship” and “generous giving” as a likely a second dynamic to “receiving” (yes, receiving). The grace to receive, the acceptance of God’s Gifts in whatever sacrificial… Read more »

Joyfully Managing the Lord’s Gifts

We pray to the Lord, asking Him to bless our lives with the outflow of His grace. It all centers in what He has given us in His Son Jesus. From that flows all the other things that enrich our daily experience. So we have prayed for our economy. If you have invested in the… Read more »

$3,000 scholarship available to high school seniors

The Lutheran Church Extension Fund has announced a $3,000 scholarship available to high school seniors who invest with LCEF. The Take Heart Scholarship is available in three award levels of $500, $1,000, and $3,000. Applications must be submitted by April 5, 2017. For  application information and further details, please click here:

A Commitment to Generosity

What’s in the middle of February? You’re correct. Yep, right in the middle of the calendar is a big ol’ heart — a heart for Valentine’s Day! A day we set aside to give someone special (like a spouse, parent or grandparent) a gift of some sort. It might be flowers, a meal or a… Read more »

Selfish vs Selfless

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “November?” Perhaps you think of Thanksgiving, no work, no school, a month until Christmas, or Black Friday. Of course, when I was growing up, we didn’t have a name for the day after Thanksgiving. Now everyone knows it as Black Friday, when merchants… Read more »

Lutheran Federal Credit Union announces new CEO

The board of directors of the Lutheran Federal Credit Union (LFCU) is delighted to announce the appointment of Rev. Ken Krueger as its new CEO, effective November 14, 2016. Ken is filling the vacancy left when founding CEO Tom Buuck informed the Board of Directors earlier this year he would be unable to continue to… Read more »

Lutheran Federal Credit is for ALL Lutherans

Consider becoming a member of the Lutheran Federal Credit Union! Who can join?  If You answer Yes to one of these questions you are in! I am a member of a congregation of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod I am a Rostered Church Worker within The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod I am employee or volunteer of one… Read more »

Lutheran Federal Credit Union Ready to Serve

This week, we received the following leadership letter from our friends at the Lutheran Federal Credit Union. They are ready to serve your family, church, and business. Open and Ready to Serve all Levels of LCMS TO OUR DISTRICT LEADERS: After a soft opening in 2015, Lutheran Federal Credit Union opened to all eligible members… Read more »

Lutheran Federal Credit Union

Over 15 years in the making, the Lutheran Federal Credit Union (LFCU) is the result of extensive research, planning, and feasibility studies conducted in all 50 states. The result is a credit union delivering daily transactional banking services to the LCMS community.   Launched in 2016, the LFCU offers a wide variety of deposit and… Read more »