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Outreach Kentucky Update: Great News!

Outreach Kentucky is an effort of the Indiana District to plant a new town and gown ministry in Richmond, Ky. Richmond is the home of Eastern Kentucky University, which has a total enrollment of 15,816 students in 2020. Richmond is located in Madison County and has a population of 35,894 residents (Madison County has a… Read more »

District Affirms Mission Initiatives, Adopts Resolutions

At the recent LCMS Indiana District Triennium Convention, delegates voted overwhelmingly to support the district’s mission projects, confirming the convention’s theme: “God’s Plan – Our Future and Hope.” During the course of Convention, held June 14-15 at the Grand Wayne Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana, delegates adopted several key resolutions. Of significant note are the resolutions… Read more »

Lutheran Witness Online

Did you know that every month the Indiana District publishes a monthly insert in the Lutheran Witness that is specific to our district? Once published, all the months are archived on our website on the publications page here. These inserts are available for everyone in the District to read. Read April’s insert and the previous… Read more »

Celebrate Lutheran Schools!

Lutheran schools are the second-greatest investment that we have for passing on the Christian faith to our children and young adults. LCMS churches are our first investment for helping us accomplish this task for children, young adults and adults. The teaching of the Christian faith—Christian pedagogy— separates our Christian classrooms from other private and public… Read more »

500th Anniversary of the Reformation – We Love to Tell the Story

This month, Lutherans around the world are remembering — and celebrating — the courageous actions of a 16th Century monk named Martin. In 1517, on All Hallow’s Eve, at All Saints Church in Wittenberg, Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door. He invited debate on the Church’s fundraising techniques, as well as the doctrinal underpinnings of… Read more »

Caring for Those who Serve

The health and well-being of church workers are vitally important to the health and well-being of the congregation, school or agency in which they serve. Healthy workers increase the likelihood that the ministry will be healthy too. The healthier the ministry is, the more energy that ministry (congregation, school or agency) has to make a… Read more »

Caring for every human — in body and soul

The phrase “human care” may evoke many images in your mind. Human care includes helping those who have just experienced a disaster. In our district, we are blessed with men and women trained to be early responders who also become part of a team; hence the name Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT). They provide human… Read more »

Improving Your Congregational Stewardship

The goal of stewardship ministry is to help God’s people grow in their relationship with Christ. This is done with individuals within their congregation, using time, talents and treasures entrusted to them. The following is a list of Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod websites that have a list of resources. 1. – Click on Administration/Education and… Read more »

Learning Post-Seminary

We have all heard the word “pals” in common everyday language, but what does the word mean in regard to pastors who have just graduated from the seminary? PALS stands for Post Seminary Applied Learning and Support. This process or development lasts for the first three years of ministry for newly graduated pastors. In the… Read more »

Effective Leaders Become Bold Witnesses

The Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI) is devoted to training leaders to effectively lead congregations so they can be bold witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities. PLI had its beginning in 1998. It quickly recognized the importance of pastor and spouse growing together and the importance of affirming the spouse’s unique gifts… Read more »