Brege’s Cross Words for December 19, 2018

Every Advent Christians again ask, “What is Christmas?” Time and again we are reminded that the Christ would be born to be rejected, resulting ultimately in His crucifixion.  To the world this seems like utter failure, but to God and His people this is the heart of salvation, the meaning behind Christmas. Of Christ’s rejection… Read more »

We’re Almost There – A Christmas Note from the District Office to You!

We’re almost there! The Advent journey – begun right after Thanksgiving – is almost over. The Advent wreath has been lit. God’s promises have been heard (again) from Holy Scripture. The prayer, “Come, Lord Jesus” has been spoken and sung. We’ve been waiting with anticipation and eagerness. We’re almost there. Almost to the Good Tidings of… Read more »

University Lutheran Church Remodel Nears Completion

University Lutheran Church is nearing completion on their remodeling project at 460 Northwestern Avenue in Lafayette. University Lutheran is located across the street from the Purdue Engineering Mall. This is a great location because the largest major at Purdue is engineering. Because of the high visibility and heavy traffic, the church redesigned the ground floor… Read more »

Brege’s Cross Words for 3rd Sunday in Advent

Sadly, when many Christians fail to fathom the symbolism frequently found in the final book of the Bible, they give up in understanding this book and then they totally disregard whatever it clearly conveys.  This Advent season, consider some of the powerful and clear Advent messages in the book of Revelation.  Some such messages may… Read more »

Brege’s Cross Words for the 2nd Sunday in Advent

In the Holy Gospel for the second Sunday in Advent Saint Luke informs us that the Baptizer fulfills the prediction of Isaiah 40:3 as he becomes God’s heavenly bulldozer.  It was thus predicted that the Baptizer would bring down the mountains, fill in the valleys, straighten crooked paths and smooth out the rough places.  Certainly… Read more »

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!  Yes, you read that correctly, Happy Hanukkah!  This year the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah falls on December 3rd. But what does that have to do with Christians, or more specifically what does that have to do with Jesus? For over four hundred years—from Malachi to John the Baptist—God had been silent; he sent… Read more »

Reminder for Katie Retreat 2019

This is just a reminder that the deadline for early registration for the 2019 Katie Retreat is December 31. The retreat will be held February 8-10 at The Inn at DePauw, Greencastle, Indiana under the theme of “Sharing god’s Voice in Our Times.”  Keynote speaker is Rebekah Curtis and the Bible study leader is Renee… Read more »

Calls and Vacancies – Updated Nov. 21, 2018

Vacancy Information This is the latest information available regarding calls and vacancies within the Indiana District congregations.  Please do remember that this information is for your prayers.  Please do NOT contact these congregations about getting a call or offering to be called. CONGREGATIONS CALLING OR GETTING READY TO CALL CROSS PLAINS, St. Paul – called… Read more »

Reverend Ruiz to be Installed at Trinity

In March, Trinity Lutheran Church (Indianapolis) started a Spanish language worship service led by Reverend Samuel Ruiz. He will be installed on November 18 at a bilingual service at Trinity. Reverend Ruiz has both the experience and cultural background to reach some of the nine Latino groups located in the city. Cuban born, he started… Read more »