One Thing Is Necessary

Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened to His teaching.  The one thing necessary is continued catechesis—continued learning and growing in the Word of Christ. This is what Mary was doing. In Luke 1:4 we are informed that the Gospel was written so that the unidentified Theophilus would have certainty concerning the things that he… Read more »

Outreach Kentucky update!

The Word of God encourages us to share the Gospel of Christ with those who don’t know Him as their personal Lord and Savior.  Furthermore, we are not all called to be pastors.  But a Lutheran pastor is needed to begin this new mission in order that he might begin to baptize and teach those… Read more »

The Samaritan

In telling the parable of The Good Samaritan Jesus appears to have made a tactical blunder.  Speaking to Jews, and particularly to a Jewish “lawyer”—who by definition was an authority on Jewish law—Jesus makes the merciful hero of his parable a Samaritan.  The “good guy” in the parable is neither the noble Jewish priest nor… Read more »

Outreach Encouragement #1: A PowerPoint to use with Congregations

Dear Pastor or congregational leader, This power-point was developed by the Evangelism Task Force of the Indiana District – LCMS for your encouragement and the encouragement of the members of your congregation to be involved in witnessing about Christ Jesus in your daily vocations.  God bless you as you witness concerning the Good News of… Read more »

Outreach Encouragement #2: A PowerPoint to Share with Your Congregation

Here is a power point presentation prepared by the Evangelism Task Force of the Indiana District – LCMS.  Please consider sharing this with the members of your congregation so that you might encourage them in their daily witness as believers in Christ Jesus. Outreach Encouragement_No2 If the powerpoint won’t open, please email Nancy Losher to… Read more »

Hearing Jesus Through Pastors

Luke 10:1ff is an important record of Christ authorizing pastors beyond the Apostles.  In verse 16 of this divine record Christ informs us of an important aspect of the pastoral office: The one who hears you hears me.  Five times our Lutheran Confessions connect Luke 10:16 to men in the pastoral office.  For example in… Read more »

To Jerusalem

Luke 9:51 informs us, “…he set his face to go to Jerusalem.”  Up to this point Jesus was moving from one town to another with the message of the kingdom, performing healings and casting out demons.  He would continue this preaching, healing and exorcizing but now something takes precedent:  His face is set to go… Read more »

How Was Lazarus Saved?

[From the One-Year Lectionary]                                                                                                                                                Lazarus entered heaven, and the rich man entered hell. When the rich man asked why Lazarus could not go to his unbelieving brothers who were yet alive, Abraham responded, “They have Moses and the Prophets; let them hear them.” (Luke 16:29).  “Moses and the Prophets” was a Jewish way of… Read more »

Your Missions in Action

To see what is happening in your district in the various task forces please check out this video shown below.  

Inspired Apostles

We claim to “believe in one holy, Christian and Apostolic Church.”  Indeed, the Apostles of Jesus were uniquely inspired, uniquely endowed with the Holy Spirit—for us! When in John 14:26 Jesus promises, “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach YOU all things and bring to… Read more »