Now the Mystery and Majesty of the Trinity!

We often speak the words of the Athanasian Creed this Sunday! This is a powerful and precious part of our confession as the mystery and majesty of the Trinity is presented in a detailed and explicit manner. It’s great! If you use it, you might consider using it in “pieces” so that our worshipers can… Read more »

Pentecost Power!

Does Pentecost fall on Mother’s Day or does Mother’s Day fall on Pentecost? Well Pentecost came first and is a celebration that the Holy Spirit empowers the Church. It is this same Holy Spirit that gives power and direction to our Christian Moms! While Pentecost is a liturgical celebration and Mother’s Day is a national… Read more »

You’re Not Leaving Are You?

While we celebrate the Ascension as a time when Jesus returns to the Father to reign in glory, we know that He also promised to be with us always! The disciples were wondering what was next if Jesus leaves/ascends. We know the answer and it is just 10 days ahead. Ascension is reason for celebration… Read more »

Lutheran Schools Unite to Support Education in Remote Regions of Liberia

Several area Lutheran schools are teaming up to bring education to students in Ebola-stricken Liberia, and you can help. It’s all part of the efforts of Joe Boway, a Lutheran South Unity School (LSUS), Fort Wayne, parent and native-born Liberian who has worked hard to establish Lutheran schools in remote regions of his homeland. Last... Read more »

Living Life Together with All People

Walking into the congregation on Sunday morning, you first notice Kayla’s welcoming smile. Something is different, but that smile keeps you from turning away. As you take the bulletin from her hand, you walk to your seat with a warmth in your heart for this person who is serving the church, using the gifts and… Read more »

You are sending me?

It is a humbling and amazing thing to be sent by God to do His will! A job opportunity can be a real honor. A promotion can be humbling and a blessing and being selected to work in a new office can be a joy! However, being “sent by God” is a whole different thing!… Read more »

Looking Within to Reach Out

As the Christian community celebrates the eternal gift of salvation brought to us through the innocent and bitter suffering and death of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the eternal hope that it brings to us, the Biblical counseling ministry of Cross Connections, Inc. in Fort Wayne is looking to reach out with hope… Read more »

LSM Sunday a Great Success!

This winter, Lutheran Music Program (LMP) organized LSM Sunday, a nationwide event to raise awareness of its summer programs: Lutheran Summer Music Academy & Festival (LSM) and the NEW two-week program, Sounds of Summer Institute (SOSI). Throughout January, current students, alumni, parents, and other supporters were encouraged to speak and participate musically during their congregation’s… Read more »

Prayers, Calls and Placements!

This is a big week as the seminaries and the District Presidents work on the placement of seminary graduates! We all remember this week of wondering and excitement! I remember talk of some huge dart board. That isn’t the way it works of course. You would be impressed at the amount of prayer, discussion and… Read more »