Resource for Churches

There is a new resource for churches who are considering planting a daughter church.  The resource is titled: “Mission Field:USA A Resource for Church Planting.” It was written by Rev. Steven D. Schave who is an executive staff member in the department of national missions of our Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.   You can get… Read more »

Why Are You A Lutheran?

I am a Lutheran because of the great good news that one doesn’t have to merit heaven through one’s good works.  In fact, if you think that you must do something to earn your place in heaven, your are despising Jesus Christ.  Strong words I know — but consider what St. Paul says of it… Read more »

A New Year Has Begun!

Let us rejoice and be glad that God has blessed us with this New Year of 2017.  Will it be a year of economic boon? Will it be a year of difficulty and strife? I can’t answer those questions.  But I can state that for the Christian it will be a year in which God… Read more »

The Calvary Connection in Christmas!

Have you ever thought that our creche scenes should also include a cross in them? Christmas is nothing unless it is connected to Calvary.  And this is the way that it was meant to be.  Consider the words of Scripture: “Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was… Read more »

Student Appreciation Sunday at Grace Lutheran

On Sunday November 20, 2016, Rev. Robinson was privileged to bring the Word of God to the members and students attending Grace Lutheran Church in Muncie, Indiana. This Sunday was Student Appreciation Sunday. The students during the Sunday school hour presented a slide show expressing their thanks for the ongoing campus ministry at Grace Lutheran… Read more »

Outreach Kentucky is “a ripe harvest field in our own backyard”

“The Indiana District’s ‘Outreach Kentucky‘ is finding a ripe harvest field in our own backyard,” said Rev. Peter Cage, senior pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. “It is hard to believe that such a populous region, almost devoid of any familiarity with the proclamation of ‘Christ for us,’ could be located in… Read more »

Outreach Kentucky video explores a vital need, says Rev. Mark Wood

The District’s new Outreach Kentucky video emphasizes the importance of reaching the next generation with the truth of the Gospel, says Rev. Mark Wood, Director of the Witness and Outreach Ministry for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. “As people become more aware of the challenges that we face as an aging church body, many in… Read more »

Evangelism Can Be Scary

Christian Evangelism can be a scary thing for many Christians. What should you say to a person? When should you talk of your faith in Christ? How do you gain permission to share your faith with others? These questions and more will be answered in the upcoming Evangelism Conference which will be held at Our Shepherd Lutheran… Read more »

Lassie Evangelism

How many of you remember watching “Lassie” on television in the 1960s? It was one of my favorite shows as a little boy. Lassie always showed up at the right time to rescue someone who was in trouble. Just as the dog Lassie was instrumental in saving people needing help, we can use the acronym… Read more »