Thy Will Be Done

“Thy Will Be Done.” We pray these words regularly in our use of the Lord’s Prayer. Our souls earnestly desire to live in God’s will, living by faith in God’s Son Jesus Christ and living to respond in faith with works of service. Yet if we be honest, we often segment our lives and the… Read more »

Joyfully Managing the Lord’s Gifts

We pray to the Lord, asking Him to bless our lives with the outflow of His grace. It all centers in what He has given us in His Son Jesus. From that flows all the other things that enrich our daily experience. So we have prayed for our economy. If you have invested in the… Read more »

$2.69 Million Dollar Endowment to ULu

On January 29, Rev. Philip Krupski, Indiana District Gift Planning Counselor with the LCMS Foundation announced to President Daniel May and University Lutheran in West Lafayette (Purdue) the creation of the Lanelle Geddes Endowment for ministry at University Lutheran. Currently $2.69 million has funded the endowment and a seven-figure addition is anticipated later this year.  This… Read more »

Transferring the Blessings

Each year we plan on giving gifts at Christmas.  We get asked for the work place gift.  We shop for the perfect gift for our loved ones.  We spend a lot of time and money in December on gifts that are out of proportion to the rest of the year.  We do all of this… Read more »

A Simple Man with a Simple Plan

He is a simple man.  All his life he has grown in faith and served the Lord with passion.  Life has been full of challenges and blessings. As he approaches his retirement years, gift planning made sense.  At first he thought his children could take care of his estate after he was gone, relieving him… Read more »