Keep Playgrounds S.A.F.E.

Playgrounds are a great way to generate interest from youth in your organization. However, they can also create a significant risk of injury and liability. Take care to make your playground a S.A.F.E. environment: Supervision: Make sure your playground is always supervised Age appropriate: Follow manufacturer’s guidelines Fall surfacing: Ensure you have adequate surface fill… Read more »

Helping Out After a Disaster

When disaster strikes, the effects are often felt across the country and caring people from across the country feel a calling to help out.  If you or the people of your organization choose to provide assistance to those in need, you should first consider the best way to lend your support. View Church Mutual’s  Helping… Read more »

LCMS Taxes and Ministers Manual

Are you an ordained or commissioned minister in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod? If so, be sure to download and read the 2017 edition of Taxes and Ministers Manual. This brochure is designed for ordained or commissioned minsters of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. This brochure covers the IRS’s definition of minister, housing allowance, reporting income and… Read more »

Has Your Congregation done a Financial Review?

The benefits of regular financial reviews are well documented, however many churches and non-profits fail to take this needed step. The majority of small churches and non-profit organizations do not have the resources to hire an outside accounting firm or have members who are capable and willing to take on the responsibility of performing such… Read more »

Concordia Plan Services Updated Administrative Guides

Concordia Plan Services recently updated their  Administrative Guides. Here are links to the them on the Concordia website: Administrative Information for Treasurers and Business Managers – 2018 Guide (form # 12084): Administrative Guide – Retirement Savings Plan (CRSP) – 2018 Guide (form # 12083): There are no changes to your responsibilities or any… Read more »

New Armed Intruder Materials

The months following the tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas have been busy for both Church Mutual and policyholders alike.  Our policyholders’ interest in the topic of security and armed intruder prevention has increased dramatically following the event.  We continue to see numerous calls and requests for information, resources, and on-site assistance here in Risk Control…. Read more »

Synod Resources on 2018 Tax Reform

Karen Sansone, LCMS Director of Tax and Compliance, recently shared this information regarding 2018 Tax Reform. Some of you have inquired about whether LCMS was planning to post or publish anything about the recent tax reform provisions that would be of most interest to LCMS congregations or their ministers. So, I compiled a summarized list… Read more »

Updates to Concordia Retirement Savings Plan

Fidelity will be sending an email to any individual with a CRSP balance entitled “What you need to know about the new tax bill.” The link in the email go to the Fidelity NetBenefits log in page where members can open an article that outlines the tax bill changes, including: Adjusted tax brackets and lower… Read more »

Proof of Minimum Essential Coverage

We have received inquiries from employers about the need to report the cost of the CHP on Form W-2 and sending Form 1095-B: Proof of Minimum Essential Coverage for the 2017 year. Our legal department confirmed that the exemption from reporting the cost of health coverage for plans like the CHP remains in effect.  This… Read more »

Preventing Theft in Your Organization

Theft or embezzlement at worship centers happens at facilities of all sizes, within all denominations and at locations across the country. The sad truth is many religious organizations are often viewed as easy targets for three main reasons — Too much financial control is often given to one person, There is little oversight as the person… Read more »