Professional Development

FLAME Develops Future Leaders for the Lutheran Schools

FLAME inspires leaders in the Lutheran schools during a three-day conference focused on leadership development, spiritual inspiration, and administrative insight. “Good schools need good principals. The need is not only for K-12 schools, but in early childhood centers as well.” said Kevin Brockberg, executive director of Christian education. Surveys are sent to principals in the… Read more »

Who Me? Yes Me! FLAME into Action….

Who Me? If you respond in this way when your principal asks you to consider a future in school administration, FLAME is designed especially for you! Yes, Me! If you aspire to be an administrator in Lutheran schools, FLAME is also designed for you!   FLAME Leaders in seven Midwest Districts of the LCMS know… Read more »

6 Techniques for Building Reading Skills in ANY Subject

Students need good reading skills not just in English but in all classes.  Susan Barber has identified 6 techniques: Teach Close Reading Skills Appeal to the Senses Guide Students in Setting Reading Goals Vary Text Length Offer Opportunities for Choice Reading Assess Content & Skill   She goes into more detail concerning these 6 techniques… Read more »

LEA Webinar Invitation: Restorative Justice: A Theology of School Discipline

Presented by Dr. Kevin Brockberg, August 23, 2016  7:00 p.m. (central) How does a “Three Strikes” or “Zero Tolerance” mantra square with your theology? As clever quips, they appeal as swift solutions to misbehavior in schools. However, transgression followed by penalty/punishment never resolves; in God’s design only a gracious Savior could draw wayward humankind back into… Read more »

How Do I Justify Hiring an Admissions Person?

You are invited to register for How Do I Justify Hiring an Admissions Person? Presented by Ryan Bredow, Director of Admissions & Marketing, Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee August 30, 2016  7:00 p.m. (central) Please register for How Do I Justify Hiring an Admissions Person? on August 30, 2016 7:00 PM CDT at:… Read more »

Looking For An In-Service?

A PEDAGOGY OF QUESTIONING Workshop/Book How can I improve questioning in the classroom to help my teachers ask better questions and involve more students?” K-12 teachers can improve their questioning through “A Pedagogy of Questioning” (APOQ). Since 1995, the APOQ workshop has been given throughout the United States. Why we must plan at least some of our… Read more »