Chroncis Absenteeism Resources

Some students miss too much school.  What can the principal do?   The Indiana Department of Education has a site devoted to help schools decrease absenteeism at their school.   Check out the resources found at   

Beyond Islands

Reprinted from The Lutheran Schools eNewsletter. Posted on June 16, 2019 by Jessica Neuman – Lutheran Spirit, Quality Education Technically the IDCI – Social Studies Curriculum Team finished three days ago. However, I can’t stop thinking about the great experience I had being a part of this team and pilot program. I had the opportunity… Read more »

Early Education Matters — Statewide Updates

Attend a local Indiana AEYC meeting or join a Facebook live presentation to learn about upcoming changes to early childhood system policy. At these meetings, staff from the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning will share some updates on the structure of Indiana’s quality support system. All providers will have the chance to attend a… Read more »

On Teaching to the Test (as the ILEARN window closes)

As I contemplate all about ILEARN as this year’s testing window is now closed, my son Matthew is finishing his studies for the Step One test as part of his medical school training.  Each day since April 15, Matt’s regimen is studying the content from his first two years of medical school in the mornings,… Read more »

Homework…What’s the Point?

Homework.  Does this word immediately cue groans from students, parents, even teachers?  If the very word evokes primarily negative thoughts, then what’s the point? We all want our students to succeed.  There’s no disagreement there.  So, we prepare amazing lessons, include creative instructional strategies, and encourage rich discussions, all to help our students learn.  But,… Read more »

Setting Our Students Up to Achieve

Think back to your toddler days.  Did your parents give you one chance to learn how to walk?  Of course not!  With an unlimited number of tries, and loving, patient arms ready to pick you up after each fall, you finally mastered the art of walking.  Was there a magic age you were supposed to… Read more »

Follow @BrockbergPhD Network with Indiana District Educators!

What can you expect from the Indiana District tweets? I will not tweet about : the BigTen, what’s trending in entertainment, my recent vacation (no selfies!) nor retweet political controversy in Washington D.C.   I will send SAVVY tweets and retweets about : educational policy debates within Indiana and our nation, foundations and reflections about… Read more »

Three Questions about Communication

Question 1: What do the Erie Canal, the Wittenberg door, the Pony Express, and the original Wireless (not Bluetooth) have in common?  A few hints: The Erie Canal not only transported goods; the flow of ideas along this channel catalyzed sentiments for the abolitionist movement throughout New England and to the expanding West Martin Luther’s… Read more »