Higher Education

Across the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, our system of higher education includes two seminaries and ten universities. All of these institutions are supported by and maintained by the LCMS. You can find a list of both seminaries and all ten universities below, with website links for further information. Seminaries Website Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne, IN  … Read more »

Indiana District Scholarships for Commissioned Colloquy Programs

Did you know about the LCMS Colloquy Program for workers who wish to be a commissioned worker? This program is a great way for a teacher, Director of Christian Education (DCE), Director of Family Life Ministry or a Director of Parish Music to receive the theological coursework that a teacher or DCE or Director of… Read more »

Teacher Evaluative Rubric and Growth Plan

Indiana state legislation (IC-20-28-11.5) requires all Indiana school corporations to have in place by the academic year of 2012-2013 an evaluative plan.  The Indiana District did assemble a committee of educators to write and disseminate a teacher growth plan and rubric. The Indiana District provides to school leaders an evaluative tool and rubric that complies with… Read more »

Plan of Remediation Resource

A plan of remediation offers assistance and support for staff members not performing effectively. The intent is to help commissioned and contracted workers overcome their deficiencies or be aided to find another way of serving the Lord in His vast Kingdom.  Such a plan enables administrators to have some intervention in place beforehand prior to… Read more »

Reducation in Force (RIF)

A Reduction in Force takes place when a change in the fiscal or operational position of the organization due to times of economic difficulty, declining enrollment, lack of financial resources, or changes in mission and ministry requires the elimination of position(s) to ensure the on-going viability of the ministry. The Reduction in Force template is… Read more »

Lutheran School Consulting Services

What is Lutheran School Consulting Services? The purpose of Lutheran School Consulting Services (LSCS) is to strengthen and revitalize Lutheran schools so God’s children are well served and His kingdom expanded. LSCS focuses on the school and its ministry. As schools are strengthened, so are congregations and their ministries. How does it work? LSCS services include… Read more »

Child Abuse and Neglect Policy

The state law of Indiana makes it mandatory for all individuals to report all suspected cases of non-accidental injury, unexplainable failure to thrive, sexual abuse and physical neglect to Child Protection Services of the Department of Family and Children.  No one has an option in the matter of reporting such cases for investigation.  Reporting in… Read more »

INPEC 2014 Presentation “Am I Becoming a Teacher of Quality”

Am I Becoming a Teacher of Quality How do we define teacher quality? How does educational research define teacher quality? What really defines an effective educator? Am I becoming a teacher that offers my students quality instruction? These and other questions surface when discussing 21st Century teaching. What we believe about instructional quality will most… Read more »

2014 Teacher of the Year

Dr. Arthur Amp Teacher of the Year Award The Arthur L. Amp “Lutheran School Teacher of the Year” designation is awarded to the person who exemplifies the characteristics of outstanding teaching.  The person so chosen represents the best in all teachers.  He/she models the role of the Christian teacher by growing in the Word and… Read more »