Early Childhood

Ascension Lutheran Christian School Increases Enrollment Despite Pandemic

Ascension Lutheran Christian School is the only faith-based school located in Gary, Indiana. This year ALCS saw a 40% increase in enrollment over 2019. The growth of the LUMIN schools is especially notable given the global virus pandemic. What is it about the Gary school that is gaining the confidence of local families during uncertain… Read more »

School as Mission – We Love to Tell the Story

It’s no surprise that the oldest continually operating school in Indiana is a Lutheran school. Lutherans’ commitment to education is deeply rooted in our understanding of schools as an extension of church ministry. In our Lutheran schools, students learn more than their peers in secular schools. They gain knowledge about the world we share — and they learn about… Read more »

Early Childhood Cabinet

The Indiana District Early Childhood Cabinet was formed with the intention of providing additional support to the early childhood directors and teachers. Read more about their purpose, mission and responsibilities within the Indiana District. Purpose  The purpose of the Early Childhood Cabinet is to encourage and assist Lutheran early childhood directors and Christian educators in God’s… Read more »

Accredited Indiana District LCMS Schools

The Lutheran Schools of the Indiana District hold high standards and most maintain accreditation by one or more accrediting agencies. Learn more about the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation process here.  96% of our elementary and 100% of our high schools hold National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA). 22% of our Early Childhood Centers hold NLSA. 78%... Read more »

Child Protection Policy

To Encourage Every Congregation to Establish and Implement a Child Protection/Safety Policy WHEREAS, the proclamation of the Gospel to children and youth is of critical importance (Mark 10: 13-16); and WHEREAS, we are concerned about the safety of children and youth (all those under 18 years of age) in our congregations; and WHEREAS, we are concerned… Read more »

Early Childhood Curriculum & Resources

The Indiana District Early Childhood Cabinet Helping Early Childhood Centers In 2013, work was completed on an Early Childhood Preschool Curriculum . It was designed to help all our early childhood centers maintain the same academic and faith based standards and goals. In 2014, the Indiana District also published Preschool and Infant Assessments to complement… Read more »

Child Abuse and Neglect Policy

The state law of Indiana makes it mandatory for all individuals to report all suspected cases of non-accidental injury, unexplainable failure to thrive, sexual abuse and physical neglect to Child Protection Services of the Department of Family and Children.  No one has an option in the matter of reporting such cases for investigation.  Reporting in… Read more »