Getting Started

Ensuring Each Voice Is Heard!

CURRICULUM CONVERSATION…EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO OFFER! Finding a way to ensure each voice is heard can be tough to navigate.  Once you find the right road map for your faculty…the conversation is sure to follow!  Here are two conversation methods to try at your next faculty meeting: CHALK TALK Start with a chalkboard, dry erase… Read more »

Putting the Student in the Chair

The curriculum mapping process can bring out many emotions among educators. While some teachers may gain a sense of excitement and inspiration through the mapping process, others may experience feelings of frustration and anxiety. Putting the process into perspective is one way to assure success (no matter how you’re feeling). Where can you find that… Read more »

Phases of Curriculum Mapping

LAYING THE FOUNDATION Things to consider: What is the mission of curriculum mapping at your school?  Why are you mapping? What are the needs of the students? How can curriculum mapping be used as a communication tool at your school? What can the stakeholders of your school expect to gain from the curriculum mapping process?… Read more »

Creating A Curriculum Mapping Culture

ADOPTING A GROWTH MINDSET As with any new initiative, mindset plays an important role. Are you willing to: take a risk? confront a new challenge? stretch yourself to learn something new? develop something inside of you? realize there’s room to improve and grow? find success in learning and improving? create an environment of change? BRIDGING… Read more »